Chandra 7Ms: A new X-ray source catalogue

Astronomers took advantage of Chandra satellite’s unprecedented X-ray sensitivity, to create a new X-ray source catalogue. This new catalogue will help scientists investigate how Supermassive Black Holes (SMBHs) grow and co-evolve with galaxies and examine how the X-ray binary populations of starburst and normal galaxies evolve over most of cosmic time, among other exciting things.

HITOMI’s last “words”

HITOMI, the most sensitive X-ray satellite, was destroyed in March 2016, about a month after its launch. Despite its early destruction, HITOMI managed to perform significant science. The spacecraft observed the Perseus cluster, the brightest X-ray cluster in the sky, for three days. Analyzing the data, astronomers measured the motion of gas in the centre. Being able to measure gas motions is a major advance in understanding the dynamic behavior of galaxy clusters and its ties to cosmic evolution.