AHEAD2020 videos

Black Hole Week 2024:

🌚 Black holes are one of the most fascinating objects in the #Universe, and children are often curious about them.

✨ In #BlackHoleWeek 2024, scientists from the Athena X-ray Observatory, #HorizonEU #H2020 AHEAD2020 and XMM2Athena projects answer questions from children in 4 languages.

Documentary Movie: “Unveiling the Invisible Universe” including interviews from AHEAD2020 researchers:

AHEAD2020: Unveiling the Invisible Universe – Documentary Version including interviews

Short educational videos:

X-ray telscopes
X-ray planets
Clusters of galaxies

Dome Movie: “Unveiling the Invisible Universe”

Unveiling the Invisible Universe
What black holes are?
Why observe from Space?
What are Gamma Ray Bursts?
Hot and Energetic Universe

High-energy Astrophysics related videos