What is High Energy Astrophysics!

High Energy Astrophysics studies astronomical objects that release electromagnetic radiation at highly energetic wavelengths that is X-rays and gamma-rays. These wavelengths come from matter with very high temperatures revealing a hot and energetic Universe.

AHEAD2020 (Activities in the High Energy Astrophysics Domain) is a European Horizon-2020 project that unifies the Universities and Research Centres whose research is focused on X-ray, gamma-ray Astronomy and gravitational waves. It fosters the collaboration on new technologies regarding detectors, development of software, the training of researchers in data analysis, the use of testing facilities, the organization of workshops conferences and training schools for High energy Astrophysics missions. It also supports a public outreach program whose primary goal is to inform the public and primarily young students on the exciting new developments in the area of High Energy Astrophysics and Gravitational Waves.