AHEAD in the news

Prof. Luigi Piro. P.I. of the AHEAD programme.

The highly acclaimed Platimum Italian financial review published last month
an article on the AHEAD EU programme and its potential contribution to the
ATHENA mission. ATHENA is a flagship ESA X-ray Astronomy mission to be
launched in 2028. ATHENA will carry onboard cutting edge technology
detectors such as the cryogenic detectors with unprecedented spectral
resolution.  ATHENA will reveal the hottest and most energetic phenomenae
of the Universe, ranging from the explosions of the first stars in the
Universe to the monster black holes harbouring in the centres of most
galaxies. The AHEAD project funded in the framework of the E.U. H2020 has
as its main goal to strengthen and prepare the astronomical community for
ATHENA. The AHEAD consortium includes representatives from 26 European
Institutes throughout 16 different countries. The sophisticated
instrumentation developed within AHEAD will not only be of use to the
ATHENA mission. It can have a wider range of applications including
material sciences environmental control and biological diagnostics.


Source: Platinum