Angel Ruiz

🚀 Angel is a post-doctoral researcher at the National Observatory of Athens, His research is focused on extra-galactic astronomy, mainly in studying Active Galactic Nuclei. Within AHEAD2020 he contributes to the development of an X-ray source detection code that uses both spatial and temporal information. 

How do you describe your journey in astronomy so far?

📣 I started my Ph.D in 2004 at the University of Cantabria (Spain). Since then I have worked in many countries (UK, Italy, India and Greece), studying AGNs and their link with galaxy evolution. During all these years I have collaborated with and learned from very smart, insightful people, which is one of the most rewarding things of this journey.

Why did you choose to study astrophysics?

📣 Since I was a little kid I was always interested in Astronomy. At some point it was not enough just reading and learning about it. I wanted to know how all these fascinating discoveries were done and be part of it. So I chose Astrophysics as a career.

Do you have a favorite scientific theory?

📣 Not a theory by itself, but I find Noether’s theorem fascinating. In simple words, it says that symmetries of physical systems must have an associated conserved quantity. It is one of the most interesting and illuminating results of mathematical physics, and the way it links abstract mathematics with our physical theories is brilliant.

Why is AHEAD2020 important to you?

📣 The amount of data we have accumulated in the last two decades of High Energy Astrophysics is impressive. Finding new, better ways of exploiting all this data is extremely important and a very interesting challenge.

What is the best word describing astronomy?

📣 “Beautiful”

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