X-ray seminars in IAASARS at National Observatory of Athens

The X-ray team of IAASARS at National Observatory of Athens organises weekly seminars dedicated to high-energy Astrophysics. The programme is shown below. Stay tuned for the zoom credentials a few days before each meeting. They will be given in a post on this website or can be found in the event page: http://ahead.astro.noa.gr/?post_type=tribe_events

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
13/1 G. Dimopoulos Diego-Portales U. Chile Compton shoulder in  AGN
20/1 H. Tranin IRAP, Toulouse, France Automatic Classification  of X-ray sources
27/1 K. Birchall Univ. Leicester, UK AGN in dwarf galaxies
3/2 V. Paspaliaris NOA Star-forming ellipticals  and quiescent spirals
10/2 F. Carrera IFCA, Santander, Spain Compton-thick AGN in  ATHENA
17/2 F. Koliopanos IRAP,Toulouse/ NOA The search for ancient  seeds of Supermassive  Black Holes, hiding in our galactic  neighbourhood
24/2 A. Akylas NOA Measuring the AGN  Black Hole mass using  X-ray variability
3/3 A. Nersesian Ghent Univ., Belgium The mass-metallicity  relation in the LEGA-C  survey
10/3, 16:00 N. Torres-Alba Clemson Univ. USA The observed Compton thick AGN fraction in the  local Universe
17/3 B. Vander Meulen Ghent Univ., Belgium Modelling complex AGN  media in full-3D with a  new X-ray radiative  transfer code.
31/3 V. Allevato INAF, Bologna, Italy AGN in Euclid
7/4, 16:00 T. Ananna Dartmouth College, USA Distribution functions of  Eddington ratios, black  hole masses and X-ray  luminosities. 
14/4 T. Fragos Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland Formation of coalescing stellar binary black holes: What have we learned from gravitational-wave observations so far?
5/5K. IwasawaU. BarcelonaHigh Redshift quasars from the Subaru HSC survey
12/5L. BarquinU. SantanderThe physical origin of the optical intermediate classification of AGN
19/5F. Vito INAF/BolognaThe furthest quasars in X-rays
2/6C. RicciU. Diego Portales1ES 1927+654. A new type of changing look AGN
16/6C. VignaliBologna Univ. ItalyTBD
30/6D. MortlockUCL , UK TBD