AHEAD2020 winter school of Astrophysics in Athens, Greece

Today was the last day of the winter school of #Astrophysics for children of 5th & 6th grade, organized by the visitor center (Κέντρα Επισκεπτών Εθνικού Αστεροσκοπείου Αθηνών ) of the National Observatory of Athens (Εθνικόν Αστεροσκοπείον Αθηνών ) and the #AHEAD2020 project!

The school was successfully held online for three Sundays in a row and this resulted in the participation of children from all over Greece and Cyprus, while among the speakers were the specialized staff and researchers of the National Observatory of Athens. The program aimed at the participation of the children and their acquaintance with the various research fields of Astrophysics. There were interactive talks, exercises, mini-movie screenings, many quizzes and a lottery for free astronomy books!

Credit: NASA/SDO.

This journey begun in the visible and relatively small-scale world of our planets and Sun and, using the stars as a bridge, extended to our galaxy and the rest of the vast world of galaxies, tracing the fascinating and invisible Universe of X-rays, but also of enigmatic black holes and active galactic nuclei!