Gor Oganesyan

🚀 Gor Oganesyan is a postdoctoral fellow at Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI). Recently started working on the AHEAD2020 project on modelling of the high-energy emission from gravitational wave sources. His research focuses on the extreme and burst astrophysics. Most of his efforts so far have been spent to understand the nature of the gamma-ray burst (GRB) phenomena, as well as its multi-messenger aspects.

How do you describe your journey in astronomy so far❓
📣 I have obtained my PhD in the International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA) where I was supervised by L. Nava, G. Ghirlanda and A. Celotti. My thesis is focused on the origin of the GRB production mechanism. In 2018 I joined the Gravity Group of GSSI as a postdoctoral fellow. These years I was working on the multi-wavelength counterparts of GRBs, electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave (GW) sources from compact binary mergers as well as on the search of GW signals from short GRBs. With AHEAD2020 project I am planning to extend my research to the modelling of various electromagnetic signals from GWs to reach the optimal synergy between the next generation GW interferometers and upcoming wide-field electromagnetic instruments.

Why did you choose to study #astrophysics❓
📣 At the third year of my Bachelor program I was obsessed with the General Relativity (GR) which unfortunately was not in our course list. When I had read the original paper on the perihelion precession of Mercury, I got very enthusiastic about the possibilities that astronomy opens for the fundamental physics. That has motivated me to meet the members of the Astrophysics Department in our University (Southern Federal University in Russia). Finally, my visit to the Special Astrophysical Observatory (Caucasus, Russia) allowed me to meet Dr. Gregory Beskin who told me about the gamma-ray bursts. It was so motivating to deal with this mysterious objects, that I have decided to apply for Master Program to study them.

Do you have a favorite scientific theory❓
📣 Possible it is the works of Edwin Hubble, which showed that the nebulae in the sky are galaxies and the Universe is expanding!

Why is #AHEAD2020 important to you❓
📣 With AHEAD2020 I have an opportunity to work in one of the most promising field of multi-messenger astrophysics and in the most exciting times, since we expect a major upgrade of Virgo and LIGO interferometers as well as we will see the birth of the next generation GW instruments such as Einstein Telescope. Very importantly, AHEAD2020 will allow me to meet and collaborate with many astrophysicists around the globe which is essential for reaching our common scientific goals.

What is the best word describing astronomy❓