NewAthena: New way forward for Athena X-ray Observatory!

On the 9th of November, ESA’s Science Programme Committee endorsed a rescoped version of the Athena X-ray observatory. The SPC has recognized that NewAthena, as a flagship mission of the ESA Science Program, will transform our knowledge in almost every corner of modern astrophysics.

This great achievement has been the result of a year-long collective design effort by ESA, the Instrument Consortia, and the Science Redefinition Team (SRDT) with the active participation of many members of the Athena community. This effort led to a new mission concept that is technically and financially affordable, while enabling transformational science. A key role in demonstrating the flagship nature of NewAthena has been played by the SRDT*, whose co-Chair, Mike Cruise, presented the excellent science case of NewAthena to the meetings of the Advisory Structure of the ESA Science Program.

It is expected that the industrial activities will restart in the second quarter of 2024, aiming at Adoption in 2027.

*SRDT Team: James Aird, Francisco Carrera, Elisa Costantini, Lia Corrales, Mike Cruise (co-Chair), Thomas Dauser, Dominique Eckert, Fabio Gastaldello, Matteo Guainazzi (co-Chair), Hironori Matsumoto, Rachel Osten, Pierre Olivier Petrucci, Delphine Porquet, Gabriel Pratt, Nanda Rea, Thomas Reiprich, Aurora Simionescu, Daniele Spiga and Eleonora Troja.

Source: Athena X-ray Observatory