TALK: “Gaia all-sky classification of variable sources” by P. Gavras (ESAC)

Extragalactic Seminar
P. Gavras (ESAC)
Gaia all-sky classification of variable sources
Thursday 18th May, 13.00

Gaia DR3 contains 1,8 billion sources with most of them having
photometric information in 3 bands, along with their position and proper
motions. The 34 months of surveying and its scanning law created a
photometric dataset with a median value of ~42 field of view
observations per source. The scope of photometric variability processing
group is to identify and classify the variability of sources with more 5
observations . The large number of sources made imperative the use of
machine learning technics for detecting and classifying the variable
sources. Using such methods, we detected and classified 10 million
variable sources in 23 classes and an additional set of 2.5 million
galaxies with artificial variability. In this seminar I will present
the Gaia variability pipeline focusing on the variability classification
and its extragalactic content.

If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to and for the Zoom credentials indicating your affiliation.