AHEAD2020: High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy School, 22-25/05/2023, Alicante – Spain

High resolution spectroscopy is a fundamental tool in X-ray Astrophysics. It provides unique plasma diagnostics in a variety of Astrophysical contexts from clusters of galaxies to solar system bodies. Current grating based spectrometers (XMM-RGS, Chandra HETG) provide the highest spectral resolution achievable nowadays. Calorimeters (XRISM, X-IFU) will increase the resolution to unprecedented levels opening a new era of X-ray astrophysics that will expand our knowledge of the high energy Universe.

AHEAD2020 aims at providing young astronomers the specific theoretical and practical skills to successfully exploit the current and future generation of X-ray instruments. To this end, world class experts in several fields will deliver lectures and conduct hands on sessions, including analysis of real calorimeter data. The students will have the opportunity to interact with renowned scientists in a highly motivating environment.

More info: https://webserver.javalab.ua.es/ahead2020/schools/ahead2020-high-resolution-x-ray-spectroscopy-school

Image credits: Javier A. Garc’ia, M. Bachetti, et al.