“Planets through different eyes”: A joint Athens-Santander night

AHEAD2020 in collaboration with the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications
and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) in Greece and the Institute of Physics of Cantabria (IFCA), a Joint Centre with the combined effort of two institutions, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and University of Cantabria (UC), in Spain organizes an international astronomical night focusing on the different light emitted by the planets of our own solar system.

In this joint event, there will be an introductory talk about the planets in our solar system and the light emitted by them in the different wavelengths (optical, X-rays). We will present our new #AHEAD2020 video produced by IFCA/CSIC-UC showing the completely different image that planets show in X-rays and explains the main phenomena producing this emission.

Furthermore, we will make live observations (weather permitting) of the planets using the historic telescope NEWALL in NOA with the support of the Penteli’s visitor center of NOA.

At the end of the night, an online contest (Quizizz) will be held playing quiz games related to high-energy phenomena, and especially, to the planets of our solar system as seen in different wavelengths!

Everyone can participate in this event through the Youtube channel:


or directly with the webinar connection details: