AHEAD 2020 – Announcement of Opportunity Cycle 4

The AHEAD2020 main goal is to integrate and open research infrastructures for high energy and multi-messenger astrophysics. We offer a wide program of transnational access (TNA) to the best European test and calibration facilities and access free of cost to selected European astronomical institutes and data centres for support in high energy data analysis and computational astrophysics.

Moreover, we offer the possibility for scientists and engineers at all expertise levels to visit European institutes of their choice through our visitor program call. Proposals will be peer-reviewed by specific AHEAD2020 selection panels and ranked according to their merit. The access costs for the selected facility will be covered by AHEAD2020 as well as travel costs and daily allowances for the successful applicants.

The current AHEAD2020 Calls are:

  • Call 1: Trans-national access to ground and test facilities
  • Call 2: Visitor programme
  • Call 3: Trans-national access to X-ray data analysis
  • Call 4: Trans-national access to Computational astrophysics

The submission deadlines are for:

Call 1: proposals can be submitted anytime until 28 June 2024; they will be evaluated typically within one month from delivery

Calls 2, 3 and 4: 31 August 2022, 17:00 CEST

More information and the summary description of the calls can be found here!