Large-Volume Spectroscopic Analyses of AGN and Star Forming Galaxies in the Era of JWST (Mon 21 Mar 2022 – Thu 24 Mar 2022)


Massive spectroscopic datasets, in the form of IFU datacubes and large surveys consisting of thousands of spectra, have begun to stream into archives on a daily basis, and will soon include observations from NIRSpec and MIRI aboard JWST. Creating and testing spectroscopic analysis tools can be expensive to astronomers, requiring large amounts of development time for a task that may have already been developed elsewhere in the scientific community. We present the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Spring 2022 Science Workshop, dedicated to discussing what tools astronomers currently use to analyze large numbers of complex spectroscopic data in AGN and star-forming galaxies and how users can apply these tools for analysis to their own (potentially non-AGN/galaxy related) data. The workshop will also help users scale the sometimes daunting initial learning curve by connecting them with the tool’s designers or expert users.

This workshop will include mornings of invited talks on several fitting tools as well as contributed talks and e-posters selected from abstract submissions. Afternoons will have hands-on working sessions, with speakers from that day walking through spectral analyses using their tool from initial dataset to measurement output. The workshop will conclude by summarizing the presented tools and hosting a ‘rodeo’ in which each submitted tool will provide an analysis of the same IFU datacube, with individual results from each routine being discussed and compared in a scientific and technical context. This workshop welcomes users at all levels of experience in spectroscopic analysis.

Important Dates
November 8Registration and abstract submission opens
January 7Abstract submission deadline
February 18Registration closes
March 21Workshop begins