Journey through the Extreme Universe by CTA Observatory!

Beginning in April 2021, the CTA Observatory (CTAO) launched its new monthly webinar series “Journey through the Extreme Universe” livestreamed via the CTA YouTube and Facebook channels. The webinars have the main goal to take you on a journey through the Cosmos to explore the exciting and turbulent high-energy Universe. Participants will be taken through  the science and technology behind CTA,  giving them a glimpse into the extreme gamma-ray Universe, from the exploration of our own Galaxy to the mysteries of dark matter. The missions take place every month on a Wednesday  at 17:00 UTC. After the talks, the experts will be available to answer the attendees’ questions. The webinars are open to everyone, regardless of background or age.

The 5th webinar of the series, Jonathan Biteau (former convener of the CTAC Extragalactic Working Group) provided an overview of the most extreme sources that the CTA Observatory can detect outside of the Milky Way, out to a time when the Universe was still in its teenage years. This webinar can be found here:

He discussed how CTAO observations can probe jets of ultra-relativistic particles moving away from super-massive black holes and explained why the gamma rays from these jets could shed new light on the very content and fabric of the Universe.