Take a tour of the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) and the advanced Virgo detector

The covid-19 situation suspended all the visits on site, though the visits in EGO and Virgo will be LIVE BROADCASTED from the time beeing! Stay tuned!

Galileo’s telescope opened the door to the stars, EGO and Virgo opened a new window to the universe. Take part in this unique adventure to learn more about the largest European site for observing gravitational waves produced by extraordinary events in the land of the cosmos. Scientists, engineers and a booklet will accompany you throughout this EGO experience.

For more information visit the EGO website: https://www.ego-gw.it/visit-us/guided-tour/

Continue the adventure of gravitational waves, explore this discovery theorized by Albert Einstein and follow some videos that deepen the subject here: https://www.ego-gw.it/videos-resources/