The most luminous supernova revised

Last June astronomers detected the brightest supernova that has ever been observed, known as ASASSN-15lh. The object had been classified as hydrogen-poor superluminous supernova fuelled by a magnetar, altough it is hotter and more luminous than any other hydrogen–poor supernova thus making the classification uncertain. Now scientists try to uncover the nature of this mysterious source using new observational data.

Supernova in nearby galaxy

A giant star with radius 200 times larger than our sun, exploded into a supernova, 30 million years ago. Although it was one of the closest to Earth explosions in recent years, its distance was large enough that the light from the explosion took 30 million years to arrive to us. The massive explosion was visible from the Earth as a point like in the night sky, starting July 24th, 2013.