Fabrizio Fiore

🚀 Fabrizio Fiore is research director at INAF-Trieste Astronomical Observatory. He is leader of the AHEAD2020 work package 14 that its aim is to enhance science output from next generation X-ray observatories such as Athena, #XRISM, #eROSITA, #Einstein Probe, #Theseus, et al, defining and developing appropriate tools for the new capabilities offered by those missions, and support the community for best data exploitation. Moreover, he is scientific coordinator of the H2020 #HERMES-SP project. His work focuses on active galactic nuclei, the evolution of galaxies, black holes and gamma-ray bursts!

How do you describe your journey in astronomy so far❓
📣 My master and doctoral theses were focused on high energy astrophysics in the 80’s, while I was a post-doc in Japan and USA before returning to Italy to work on #SAX. Today I still work in the field of high-energy astrophysics, but trying to use tiny, inexpensive satellites in addition to the huge, multi-billion dollar standard satellites.

Why did you choose to study astrophysics❓
📣 I have been interested in physics, astrophysics and space science since I was a child. I am one of (half a billion) people who have seen two Americans walk on the #moon.

Do you have a favorite scientific theory❓
📣 The observation of the first exoplanets, the discovery of ice geysers on #Enceladus and #Europa, and of a pre-biotic molecule in the coma of 67P. The first image of a black hole in the galaxy #M87, the gravitational waves observed from the merger of two black holes…

Why is AHEAD2020 important to you❓
📣 AHEAD2020 allows building needed infrastructure to support high-energy Astropysics in Europe.

What is the best word describing astronomy❓
📣 3D!