Jan-Willem den Herder

🚀 Jan-Willem den Herder is leading the astronomy group in Utrecht of SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research and he is a professor at the University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam. In #AHEAD2020, he is chairman of the board and coordinate the work package (WP 9) related to detectors.

How do you describe your journey in astronomy so far❓
📣 I have been involved since my PhD in 1986 in various high-energy missions including COMPTEL-GRO, XMM-Newton Satellite, Hitomi/#XRISM and now Athena X-ray observatory. My main focus is instrumentation to realize high spectral resolution imaging in the soft X-ray band (0.3 -10 keV).

Why did you choose to study astrophysics❓
📣 I started with experimental nuclear physics but made the switch to #Astrophysics which utilizes similar instrumentation.

Do you have a favorite scientific theory❓
📣 The modest velocity broadening in the spectrum of the #Perseus galaxy cluster.

Why is #AHEAD2020 important to you❓
📣 It gives us opportunities to work together in the European context, offers new opportunities for young researches and supports the exploration of new technologies.

What is the best word for you describing astronomy❓
📣 Always challenging!