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Supermassive Black Holes: Environment and Evolution

June 19, 2020 - June 22, 2020

Two decades of multi-wavelength studies have greatly expanded our understanding of supermassive black hole growth in the context of galaxy formation. A broadly consistent picture of active black hole demographics has been derived across cosmic time, emphasising the strong evolution of the energetic Universe and its relation to the formation of stars in galaxies.

The galaxy occupation of active supermassive black-holes have been constrained out to high redshift thereby, shedding light onto the small and large-scale physics that are conducive to accretion events and how they may change from late to early times.

Mounting evidence points to the ubiquity of energetic winds produced as a result of accretion events onto supermassive black-holes. It is suggested that these may be important for understanding galaxy evolution and structure-formation in the Universe.

This progress has also risen new questions and produce new research directions. The significance of obscured accretion, especially in the case of deeply buried systems, remains under discussion. The details of the black-hole growth evolution at early epochs are still debated. The mass and energy budget of winds detected at X-rays, UV, infrared and sub-mm wavelengths remain uncertain. The connection between the different phases of the outflowing material at these different wavelengths is also poorly constrained. Finally at much larger scales, Recent XMM observations revealed a much larger picture of hitherto unseen matter (WHIM).

The aim of this conference is to review and discuss the most recent multi-wavelength observations of supermassive black holes and compare them with simulations and observations. The exciting discovery space that opens with eROSITA, XARM and ATHENA will be a primary part of this meeting


June 19, 2020
June 22, 2020
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National Observatory of Athens