Documentaries Video Gallery

The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe (25:07)

Mysterious Black Holes (21.50)

Cosmic Journeys: supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy (31:24)

Birth of a Black Hole (25.00)

The largest black holes n the Universe (24.58)

Discovery Channel: Supernovas Massive Gamma Ray Bursts Facts Universe BBC (39.43)

National Geographic Space Documentaries Monster Black Holes (46.49)

ESO From the earth to the Universe Free Planetarium Show (31.40)

An Introduction to Pulsars - Pulsars & Quasars (05:21)

Supernova: monster of the milky way - space documentary (51:06)

Supermassive black holes: BBC Horizon (playlist)

Clusters of galaxies Prof. C. Crawford (1:00:07)

X--ray Astrophysics: the high energy cosmos, Prof. C. Crawford (54:40)