AHEAD: Unifying X-ray and Gamma ray astronomy institutes in Europe

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 17.49.41 ‘s project (Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain) objective is to integrate national efforts in this research area to keep the community at the cutting edge of science and technology. This will create the basis for a more rapid advancement of high-energy astrophysical science, space-oriented instrumentation and cutting-edge sensor technology in Europe. For that to be achieved AHEAD will establish strong connections between institutes and industry as well as a dedicated public outreach programme. Specifically, there are three activities that compose AHEAD’s body.


Networking Activities (NA) are designed to increase interactions between the high-energy astrophysics community at large and the participating institutes. AHEAD will offer the possibility for scientists to visit major astrophysical institutes and data centers and perform data analysis by accessing data archives and software tools, for different broad and specialised topics. NA activities also includes the aforementioned public outreach programme, aimed at strengthening ties between the project and the general public, school teachers, media and the European community, inspiring young people to follow careers in space astrophysics as well as in the relevant technology.


Transnational Access Activities (TNA) will provide access to some of the best European facilities in the two key areas related to the space-based HEA: ground test and calibration facilities and space instrumentation as well as access to data analysis methods via tutorial and mentoring by experienced scientists.


Joint Research Activities (JRA) goal is to bring research and technological development for HEA to maturity. The idea is that instead of simply coordinating technology which is developed in parallel in different countries, to now start with an already high level of integration at European level, hence avoiding inefficiencies/duplication.


The project recently requested proposals for transnational visits. This program offers access to some of the best European test and calibration facilities, training/mentoring on X-ray data analysis and visits of scientists/ engineers at all expertise levels. The submission deadline is on 15th January 2016, 17:00 CET.


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